Alva Glen Heritage Trust grew out of a group set up in May 2003 and was formally recognised as a charity on 30th March 2005. The aim of the Trust is: To bring back and develop the spirit of the community by restoring and regenerating Alva Glen. 

Our aims and objectives are to manage and regenerate community land for the public in general as an important part of the protection and sustainable development of Scotland’s natural environment.

Planning and encouraging measures that will be of educational, environmental, cultural, social and/or recreational benefit to the Community,its inhabitants and the public generally. 

Our cause is to return Alva Glen back to a pleasant area that can be used by all of the local community & visitors.  We research the history of the glen, including its' mill buildings and lades and provide interpretation panels to increase visitors knowledge and enjoyment of this special place.  

Alva glen has an upper and lower part and gives access to the Ochil Hills, many hill walkers and runners use this route to access the Ochil Hills.

Historically Alva was a thriving mill town with numerous mills lining the banks of the river and slopes above Alva Glen.  It is an area in which there is still evidence of Alva's industrial past. 

During Victorian times the lower glen was a community space, where people could walk along the many paths, meet with friends, enjoy the waterfalls, be entertained around the band stand & stage area. The glen was also illuminated for a period of time and Alva Glen Heritage Trust is responsible for bringing back this great traditional in a biennial event known as the Alva Glen Illuminations.

The Sensory Garden installed and planted July 2012 on a very wet rainy day.